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Asubjective Phenomenology

Edited by Ľubica Učník, Ivan Chvatík, Anita Williams

Asubjective Phenomenology

Jan Patočka's Project
in the Broader Context of his Work

libri nigri Band 41


ISBN 978-3-88309-993-4
299 Seiten, broschiert


The contributors to this volume shed light on the unique value of Patočka's asubjective phenomenology in the context of his entire oeuvre. Each original contribution highlights the importance of Patočka's historical engagement with phenomenology and modern thinking. Patočka's significance to phenomenology has largely gone unrecognised in the English- speaking world, a lacuna that this volume redresses.

Asubjective Phenomenology

SKU: ISBN 978-3-88309-993-4
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