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H.-C. Günther - Aesthetics East and West

H.-C. Günther

Aesthetics East and West

East and West. Philosophy, ethics, politics and human rights, Band 5


ISBN 978-3-95948-253-0
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This volume contains the proceedings of a conference in Meran in October 2015 on intercultural aesthetics with the addition of some external contributions. Two general papers on the topic concerned (Ram Adhar Mall, Giusi Strumiello) are followed by contributions on music (H.-C. Günther on Mahler and on Busoni, Yoon Young Serena Kim on Yun Isang), Indian and Chinese art (Ram Adhar Mall, Harro von Senger, Gabriele Kiesewetter), urban planning (Thilo Hilpert) and film (Udo Steinbach). The contributions on art and urban planning are amply illustrated. The appendix contains colour reproductions of an exhibition of watercolours by the Chinese artist Hong Yi with an introduction to the artist's work and detailed explanations of the painting by Gabriele Kiesewetter.

Hans-Christian Günther is professor for classics at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. He has widely published on Greek and Roman philosophy and literature, Byzantine and modern Greek studies. Recently he has been more and more interested in intercultural studies, ethics and international politics.

H.-C. Günther - Aesthetics East and West

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-95948-253-0
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