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Hans-Christian Günther (Ed.) Paths to Dialogue

Hans-Christian Günther (Ed.)

Paths to Dialogue

Interactions between eastern and western cultures

East and West. Philosophy, ethics, politics and human rights, Band 1


ISBN 978-3-95948-192-2
318 Seiten, gebunden


This volume contains papers by Cheng Zhimin, Ivo De Gennaro, Gu Zhengkun, Hans-Christian Günther, Monika Kirkoskar-Steinbach and Yamaguchi Ichiro, addressing fundamental problems of intercultural understanding. The Main focus is on the interactions between western and Chinese cultures.

Hans-Christian Günther is professor for classics at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. He has widely published on Greek and Roman philosophy and literature, Byzantine and modern Greek studies. Recently he has been more and more interested in intercultural studies, ethics and international politics.

Hans-Christian Günther (Ed.) Paths to Dialogue

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