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Jahrbuch Psychotherapie,  NLP - in practice, Heft 2 - 2022 / 2. Jahrgang

Jahrbuch Psychotherapie

NLP - in practice

Internationale Zeitschrift für PsychoPraxis

Heft 2 - 2022 / 2. Jahrgang

ISBN 978-3-95948-554-8


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NLP has its roots in three very famous Psychotherapists. It developed in the early 70s.
In those days Richard Bandler and John Grinder observed and modelled what really worked
in the approaches of the founder of Gestalt Therapy, Fritz Perls, the Grande Dame of Family Therapy, Virginia Satir and the very famous Hypnotherapist, Milton Erikson.
They brought togeth-er the very best of these approaches and developed easy to apply step-by-step protocols
(NLP interventions) that can be highly effective and success-ful used in Psychotherapy, Management, Education and all areas of human communication. Therefore,
I’m very happy for the opportunity to present in this Year-book for Psychotherapy 2022 the latest
developments in NLP of very expe-rienced Master Trainers from all over the world who have a long and rich experience in using NLP. All of the authors, except Hamid Reza Yousefi – he is Psychological Psychotherapist and Psycho-oncologist –, are “NLP Master Trainer, IN” in the International Association of NLP Institutes with 8,600+ members in 91 countries.
Nandana Nielsen from Germany presents how Virginia Satir influenced NLP.
When she developed the Parts Party she also established the roots of Constellation, the positive intention of inner psychic parts and NLP Refram-ing.
Reza Omraie from Iran explains how to use NLP for Anxiety Disorders.
He describes his own personal experiences in psychological-psycho-therapeutic practice and provides a broad perspective insight into current therapeutic and methodological fields that are included in psychological-therapeutic practice. Hamid Reza Yousefi from Germany introduces his systemic concept of Mixurative Psychotherapy where the psychotherapeutic use of NLP is a fundamental part of this approach.
The aim of his resource- and solution-oriented method is to restore the psychological balance and to deal with psychological stress in a systemic way.


Jahrbuch Psychotherapie, NLP - in practice, Heft 2 - 2022 / 2. Jahrgang

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-95948-554-8
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