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Martin Nitsche - Image in Space

Martin Nitsche

Image in Space

Contributions to a Topology of Images

libri nigri Band 49


ISBN 978-3-88309-985-9
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I would be at great pains to say where is the painting I am looking at. For I do not look at it as I do at a thing; I do not fix it in its place. My gaze wanders in it as in the halos of Being. It is more accurate to say that I see according to it, or with it, than that I see it.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Eye and Mind The topology of images draws on the new methodologies of the spatial and pictorial turns, thus connecting the focus on human involvement in relevant environments with a nonlinguistic model of thinking. In the framework of this connection, images can be understood as creating environments that are not modelled as environments of entities or objects, but rather as phenomenal fields. The phenomenal fields can be further described using phenomenological methods as transitive spheres - a novel approach that will be emphasized in particular sections of this book through multiple perspectives. Consequently, this methodological framework is applicable to our aim to weaken the link between images and entities and to conceive of the non-locative relation between image and space.

Martin Nitsche - Image in Space

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