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Paul Richard Blum - Giordano Bruno, Teaches Aristotle

Paul Richard Blum

Giordano Bruno

Teaches Aristotle

Studia Classica et Mediaevalia, Band 12


ISBN 978-3-95948-124-3
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Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) is famous for being a heretic and for endorsing the Copernican system of the planets. This book identifies his place in the Aristotelian tradition. Occasionally, Bruno taught Aristotle at universities, and great part of his philosophy is engaging in interpreting and correcting Aristotle. In discussing the history of philosophical theories Bruno showed that the thorough study of the history of philosophy generates philosophy.

Paul Richard Blum is T.J. Higgins, S.J., Chair in Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore, USA. He studied philosophy in Germany and Italy and taught in Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Besides Renaissance philosophy he specializes in early modern scholasticism.

Paul Richard Blum - Giordano Bruno, Teaches Aristotle

SKU: ISBN 978-3-95948-124-3
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