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Ramin Khanbagi "Islamic Manuscripts" A Bibliography

Ramin Khanbagi

"Islamic Manuscripts"

A Bibliography


ISBN 978-3-95948-094-9
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What appears in the title of the book, i.e. Islamic Manuscripts, is a name that mostly denotes what in Arabic is called nusakh (singular nuskhah), which is a common word for 'transcript', or 'copy', a medium of transmission of Islamic texts with exclusive reference to manuscripts. The term nuskhah is what in Persian is called dastnivishtih or dastnibishtih, and in Turkish yazmalar. It includes, not only, books, but as well, letters and documents written on papyrus, parchment, hides, paper and painting materials or anything, so to speak, produced by 'hand' and has some relation with 'paper'. Moreover it should be ment-ioned that the attribute 'Islamic', does not in any way signify the religious aspect of the term, but rather it pertains to things created or produced in the atmosphere of Islamic civilization. This bibliography encompasses materials written in Latin script languages up to 2010. As for the internal classification of the book, it should be stated that all records have been numbered and listed alphabetically according to the authors' name, and in the case of lack of author the title of the book has been taken into consideration. Three more indexes, i.e. Name, Book & Subject Index, have also been added to facilitate an easier access to each entry. It must, furthermore, be stated, that numbers appearing in the Indexes pertain to those of each record, not to the pages.

Ramin Khanbagi "Islamic Manuscripts" A Bibliography

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