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Yee Wan SO „And Jesus Replied...”

Yee Wan SO

„And Jesus Replied...” – 
But what issues did Jesus address in his replies?!

The Reception of the Conflict Narratives
in the Gospel of Matthew

Jerusalemer Texte, Band 15


ISBN 978-3-88309-983-5
379 S., broschiert


The book tries to answer an old question of the conflict narratives in the Matthean community with another dimension: the previous studies on the subject are primarily conducted through redaction analysis on synoptic gospels alone. The author extends the scope of comparison and includes the conflict narratives in Acts to the analysis. As Acts is a sequel to the Gospel of Luke, it is assumed that Luke has a better tool than Matthew in retelling the conflict narratives; Luke could order the conflicts roughly into his serial of pre- and post-Easter eras while Matthew has to cram his conflict narratives into one single volume. Some conflict narratives that were found missing in Luke's Gospel but were reported in Acts could show that they might actually take place in the post-Easter era. By comparing how Matthew and Luke retold and ordered the conflict narratives, one can tell how the Matthean community projected their own conflicts into conflicts in Jesus' time.

Yee Wan SO „And Jesus Replied...”

SKU: ISBN 978-3-88309-983-5
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