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Buddhism – Science and Medicine

Friedrich G. Wallner and Gerhard Klünger (Edited)

Buddhism – Science and Medicine

Interpretations, Applications, and Misuse

libri nigri Band 50


ISBN 978-3-95948-052-9
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The European structure of thinking has led us into an ecologic and economic crisis that is going to destroy nature and social structures. In this situation the thinking structure of Buddhism is very interesting and helpful because it reveals the fundamental presuppositions of European thinking as fictions: the separation between consciousness and world, theory and practice, the real and the sense (meaning), the transitory and the eternal. 
o The frame of the mind is the condition of the world. 
o The Eightfold Path is not normative ethics. 
o Buddhism grounds on instability, therefore, we cannot assume that something remains eternally unchanged.

Buddhism – Science and Medicine

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-95948-052-9
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