Chan Sun and Hans-Christian Günther (Ed.)

Aspects of China’s

New Role in the Globalized World

Problems of international Politics

East and West. Philosophy, ethics, politics and human rights, Band 2



ISBN 978-3-95948-197-7
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This volume consists of papers by Chan Sun, Francisco Muñoz Conde, Hans-Christian Günther, Heinz Gerhard Justenhoven, Kim Yejoo, Harro von Senger and Wang Shizhou, written for a conference in 2015 at Central South University, Changsha. They cover topics from international law, terrorism and China's recent economic expansion into international markets.

Chan Sun is a doctoral student of Zhongnan University, Changsha (CSU). Her main research interest is in economic international law.
Hans-Christian Günther is Associate Professor of Classics at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. Freiburg. His research interests span from Classical Antiquity to Philosophy, Ethics and Politics. He is also the author of many verse translations from various languages

Chan Sun and Hans-Christian Günther (Ed.) Aspects of China’s ...

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-95948-197-7
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