Phenomenology and Human Experience


Edited by Chung-chi Yu and Kwok-ying Lau

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Phenomenology and Human Experience is a volume of eleven essays generated from part of the works presented at "Border-Crossing: The 4th International Conference of P.E.A.CE (Phenomenology for East-Asian CirclE)" held in December 2010 at the National Sun Yatsen University, Taiwan. The themes treated include: interconnection between ethical space and space of truth, freedom in the biotechnologically enhanced world, wildnature facing the extension of urbanization, landscape as a way of thinking and living, Husserl's meditation on death, the subtle difference between Heidegger's and Gadamer's hermeneutics, Merleau-Ponty's reversibility thesis revisited, Patočka's phenomenology of body and subjective movement, and Edith Stein's phenomenology of education. They are original contributions or renewed reflections from East-Asian phenomenologists, joined by their Western colleagues, on the most divergent aspects of human experience. This is another concrete proof that more than a century since its emergence on German soil, phenomenology has spread across linguistic and geographical borders to become one of the most vibrant global philosophical movements.

The editors: Chung-Chi Yu is Professor at the Institute of Philosophy, National Sun Yatsen University of Taiwan, and currently Director of the Institute. - Kwokying Lau is both Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Director of the Edwin Cheng Foundation Asian Centre for Phenomenology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.




Phenomenology and Human Experience

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