Ram Adhar Mall - Religion and Interculturality , East and West Band 11

Ram Adhar Mall
Religion and Interculturality
A Dialogue with Hans-Christian Günther and Ali Ashgar Mosleh
Band 11 der Schriftenreihe:
East and West. Philosophy, ethics, politics and human rights


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About the book:


This volume contains two major papers by Ram Adhar Mall on religion, philosophy and interculturality.
There is also an answer by Hans-Christian Günther; added are three very actual minor contributions by Ali Ashgar Mosleh and Hans-Christian Günther on similar topics.


Ram Adhar Mall, Prof. Dr., has been professor for philosopy and religion in Trier, Wuppertal, Bremen, Heidelberg and the LMU Munich.
His wide reaching work has been of groud-breaking importance for the understanding of Indian philosophy, he is the founding father of intercultural philosophy in Germany and the founder of the 'Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Philosophie'.


Ali Asghar Mosleh is Professor of Philosophy at Allameh Tabataba`i University in Iran,
The Head of Iranian Association for Intercultural Philosophy and the Research Institute Director for Contemporary Culture; 
Alexander von Humboldt research fellow at the University of Bonn (2004) and visiting researcher at University of Humboldt zu Berlin (2018).

He is the author of several books and articles on Intercultural Philosophy, Sufism, History of Philosophy.

His books include: “The Question concerning the Truth of Man”, “The Philosophy of Culture” “With the Other”, and “Truth and Power”.


Hans-Christian Günther is professor for Classics at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.
He has published widely on Greek and Roman philosophy and literature, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies.


In the last twenty years he has been more and more interested in modern philosophy, ethics, religion and interculturality.


Ram Adhar Mall - Religion and Interculturality , East and West Band 11

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