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Vít Pokorný, Hans Rainer Sepp (eds.) Psychonauticon

Vít Pokorný, Hans Rainer Sepp (eds.)


A Transdisciplinary Interpretation of Psychedelic Experiences

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ISBN 978-3-95948-375-9
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During a psychedelic intoxication we can perceive our normal, articulated consciousness is as the result of sub- and supraliminal processes, events, intensities and speeds that run through it and shape it. In this book I attempt to weave together individual threads, lines, levels and planes that run through and shape psychedelic experience.

To think from psychedelic experience means to think the process of deterritorialization and reterritorialization. Such thinking departs from an analysis of experience, but it doesn’t bind it to a complete and unambiguous subject, but rather to the situation of intoxication itself in whose course the subject becomes multiple and appears to be an intertwining or a temporal congruence of many events that occur on more interconnected levels – biological, personal, social, cultural, or ecological.




Vít Pokorný, Hans Rainer Sepp (eds.) Psychonauticon

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