Veronika Teryngerová, Hans Rainer Sepp (eds.)

Ethics in Politics?

libri nigri Band 69


ISBN 978-3-95948-369-8
122 Seiten, broschiert


The chapters of this book deal with the broad field of vagueness that lies between the rather distinct conceptions of morality and ethics on the one side, and the unforeseeable political and societal reality on the other. They explore the possibilities and limits of politics, as well as the negotiation of hierarchy in genre discussions, both of which are influenced by modes of ethical understanding in light of certain aspects in modern philosophies and intercultural facts. In this way, they analyze the ethical efficacy and political or cultural relevance of such manifold phenomena as perspectivism in moral judgements, civil disobedience, political forgiveness, the function of societal satire, and modes of reason in relation to different grammars of liberation. They also refer to such thinkers as David Hume, Hannah Arendt, Paul Ricoeur and Chantal Mouffe.



Veronika Teryngerová, Hans Rainer Sepp (eds.) Ethics in Politics?

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-95948-369-8
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